In Search of Food Deserts


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I am fascinated by creative ways to visualize numerical data.  This is from one of the blogs I follow: From Flowing Data, In search of food deserts AUGUST 27, 2013  |  DATA UNDERLOAD Last time I looked at where major grocery stores … Continue reading

About Tuesday’s Class


Posted by: dancolosimo | April 8, 2009, After reflecting on yesterday’s class I feel I have to get something off my chest: I hated the discussion. Don’t get me wrong, I thought Winnie’s reading was insightful, but for some reason I found … Continue reading

Time Article: “Keeping Homeless Kids in School” by Kathleen Kingsbury


Posted by: Yasmin | March 23, 2009, Interesting article that came out today about the economic crisis, education and family life…. Right now, nearly 1 in 10 children attending public school in Minneapolis is homeless. Read that sentence again. As Wall Street … Continue reading