For Employment and Family Life

The resources that follow allow you to explore employment and family life. Data sites allow you to call up statistics pertaining to jobs and the well-being of families, including demographics, poverty rates, housing values, employment rates, rates of single parenthood, levels of educational attainment, types of industries in the area, and more.  I highly recommend Social Explorer, which maps Census data and can be used to create maps for your community profiles.  Sites with primary data are listed first followed by government reports and databases of scholarly books and articles.

Social Explorer — This site is a web-based interface that allows you to map Census data on a range of social indicators by state, locality, and even as detailed as the Census block and Census tract.

PolicyMap — This site is a web-based interface, much like Social Explorer, but it draws from a wider base of government data.  Beyond the Census and the American Community Survey, you will also be able to map variables pertaining to health, income, labor, education, and so forth. – This site pulls together data, statistics, and facts on cities, and the people living in them, in an easy to understand format.  Data can be disaggregated by ZIP code, and neighborhood statistics can be compared to state- or city-wide statistics.  You can look not only at Census data but also interest graphs and information about major industries by community.

Kids Count Data Center — A site put together by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Kids Count includes a variety of indicators that track demographics, education, economic well-being, family and community well-being, health, safety, and more.  This link will take you to Virginia and community-level data.  To see data for Richmond, click on the button that says “Community-Level Profiles” and search for Richmond City under “Counties” not “Cities” (counterintuitive, I know).

Richmond, VA – Economy at a Glance – This resource provides employment and unemployment information for the city from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. There are also links to information on wages, hours worked, and the cost of living in Richmond.

Consumer Income Reports (1947-current) – Government reports on poverty in the U.S., child support, income trends, and more.

Social Science Full Text – This index contains scholarly research on the cultural, social, and political behaviors of people. It also has studies about single-mother trends in African American Families, motivations of crime, the effects on children of family structure, and so forth.

UR Libraries Catalog – We have many scholarly books covering family life, psychological affects of family structure, social values, attitudes towards work, and more.