Dec. 1 & 3: The Last Week and More

Please see below the change in the due time for the Policy Analysis Paper, also noted on the Course Readings page.

We’ve finally made it to the last week of classes.  Here’s a preview of the last days of the semester.

Tuesday: We’ll cover Hackworth’s analysis of the Hope VI federal housing program today.  As you read over the analysis, give some thought to the following questions:

  • What are the stated policy goals of Hope VI?
  • Note that Hackworth finds that the program has a surprising political effect.  Why and how does this happen?
  • Should we regard Hope VI as a success, a failure, or as something else?
  • What does Hackworth’s analysis of Hope VI teach us about political power and “community”?

Please note that as of Tuesday, December 1, I will have updated the Gradebook on Blackboard.  I will not be updating Blackboard again until I have finished submitting final grades to Bannerweb.

Wednesday: All posts must be submitted by 11:59 p.m.  After that time, the posting function for the course website will close.

Thursday: To prepare for class on Thursday, review Mitchell’s “Traditional vs. Critical Service-Learning: Engaging the Literature to Differentiate Two Models.”  We will discuss it in class with an eye toward brainstorming ideas for the final exam essay, the prompt for which is posted under ASSIGNMENTS (click here).  I will take questions about the content of the final exam on Thursday only.  After that, I will be happy to clarify the directions and process for the final exam, but I not be able to give hints or review the content of your essay.  So…come with questions.

I will also reserve the last 15 minutes of class for you to complete the Student Evaluation Instrument, which was emailed to you by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness prior to Thanksgiving.  Please bring your laptop to class so that you can complete the survey.

Friday: The Policy Analysis paper is due December 4, 11:59 p.m.  Please note that, per our discussion on Tuesday, November 24, the due date is a change from the due date listed no the syllabus.

Final Exam, due Friday, December 11, at 12 p.m.: The final exam is a take home essay exam.  You may use all your notes and readings.  You may also use a writer’s handbook or other such grammatical writing guide.  You may discuss the exam with one another.  However, when you sit down to write the exam, you must write, cite, and proofread it on your own.  Please upload the exam by noon.  If the upload fails you may email the exam to me.

For me, grades are due by 9 a.m., Friday, December 18.  Expect grades posted to Bannerweb and Blackboard on or before this date.