A drive through highland park

As we all have seen from the tour highland park is an area that is on the come up. They have really done some improvements to places such as Dove Court, But it is not a very hard place to tell that poverty is still there as your driving through highland park you fail to see people running, sidewalks, hospital, restaurants, ect… These things are shocking to me because these are things you usually see in communities. So without knowing anything about highland park you can tell that they houses are run down and that the community isnt really booming but you also get the feeling that there are people that really care in certain places and our trying to help as best they can. I just have a feeling that this wont be good enough until you have everyone buy into making the community better. The biggest thing i have learned from driving through highland park is that no one wants to invest time and money into a place that no one in the community believes in.